Four Marys Bonny Bramble 50cl


Four Marys Bonny Bramble 50cl

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    Our Four Marys® Gin project has been created to complement our Premium London Dry Gin, LinGin®, by using unusual botanicals mixed with traditional ones to give bold flavours and mouthfeels.

    Four Marys Bonny Bramble is a distilled gin using Scottish brambles, raspberry leaves and bitter orange peel alongside juniper, coriander and angelica.

    The gin leaves the still at London Dry quality and the only thing we add afterwards is brambles we have foraged from the Linlithgow area to give the final colour and a handful of strawberries from the local fruit farm to give the merest hint of sweetness.

    Nose: piney juniper with tart berries at the back.

    Taste: Tart bramble with a caramel under taste. With no added sugar and sitting at 40%, this is a dry, fruity gin packed full of flavour.

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